Our 1st Colour Trend of 2019


It looks as though negative space is set to be one of trends in 2019 in the US and that means it will be here in no time…!To find out what it actually means,, we asked our expert colourist, Natasha to share her opinion. "Negative-space hair is focusing on the beauty of your natural colour to create an added dimension with fewer highlights that are more purposeful". "It's about adding highlights to the hair near the face or some balayage throughout to really make your natural base colour shine through."

If you are like many that don’t enjoy a high maintenance routine this could be for you! As it has little need for major upkeep. The negative-space look works for someone who likes to see lightness around their face but doesn’t want to be a rigorous regime of maintenance.

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 17.44.20.png

Natasha says she loves this finish on those with ash, and warm-toned blondes with naturally light bases, as well as dark brunettes who favour lighter, golden brown highlights. To achieve it she adds a few lighter pieces in the front, and can always incorporate more as you go but it's much harder take it back if you've added too much. Alternatively, if you already have light hair, you will most likely want to introduce the deeper shades around the face and throughout, which makes your natural base colour stand out the way it should!

If you want to make this change in 2019, then book a consultation with Natasha or any of our other talented colourists and we will strive to give you the result you want.


andrew o neill