Kerastase at Dry & Fly

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We chose to begin using Kerastase because women are at the heart of the Kérastase brand.

Providing luxury, personalised hair care so that every woman can experience her own, most exceptional hair and exult her femininity.

Inspired by our intimate knowledge of the modern woman and her very individual nature, Kérastase continues 
to create bespoke products and treatments that satisfy the simple desire for exceptional hair.

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Every woman wants exceptional hair, but the solution is not the same for everyone.
Hair type, scalp concerns, internal and external factors are some of the variables that can affect the health of the hair. 
It requires personal attention and expertise to resolve all of these factors into one very individual, yet perfect, head of hair. 
Kérastase creates innovative products and bespoke rituals for flawless results, since 1964.

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Visit us for to complete a hair diagnosis to better understand your hair's unique nature and share with you an accurate and personalised hair beauty prescription.


Receive an in-salon hair treatment tailored to your unique hair needs. Discover our Fusio-Dose treatment, our revolutionary treatment which targets 2 hair needs and allows to target both your primary and secondary hair needs.

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At home, daily self-care and occasional at-home treatments continue well after your salon visit. A customised routine with luxurious products help you achieve your hair goals and turn a beauty routine into moments of indulgence.

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Kérastase endows the hairdresser with an intimate role in hair care prescription, supported by the scientists of L’Oréal Advanced Research. Iconic products continue to benefit from the unique Kérastase blend of expertise and innovation with a deeply sensorial, personalised experience.

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With a fresh update on the classic Kérastase bottle, a new sense of personalized style and sustainable luxury comes to life. The modern silhouette takes on elegant, harmonious curves. Jewel-like caps feature gold tops to enhance the sensuality of indulgent hair rituals, each signified by its own special color.

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The Soleil sun care range nourishes and illuminates hair with products that protect the hair from from dryness and fading due to summer season agressors such as sun, chlorine and salt water.

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