Is your shampoo foamy? And does it lather? If so...throw it out!


Sulphates are the compounds in shampoo that create a foamy lather when mixed with water. They’re great for lifting dirt, grease and grime, and they often leave your hair feeling really, really clean.

While you’re in the middle of your habitual routine, the sulphates in your lovely smelling shampoo are stripping the natural oils from your scalp.

While it feels indulgent and smells divine (fruity or floral, the choice is yours), your scalp is left open to sensitivity and your hair left open to damage.

We have tested and trialled so many different brands to see what works best with clients and Pureology and Kerastase are incredible products that above anything else are incredibly kind to your hair!

Pureology was born in California in 2001, with a simple but powerful idea: to create the very best products for color-treated hair. They led the way in creating products made with purity and good health in mind, and we pioneered the “no nasties” movement with our ZeroSulfate® shampoos and 100% vegan formulas. Our signature aromatherapy fragrances give every Pureology user an indulgent experience while protecting their haircolor. Word quickly spread and our brand became a favorite of stylists and clients alike!

They also claim they “were vegan before it was cool!”


When it comes to skincare, we are religious about what we apply to our face. But when it comes to our hair, why are we happy to just settle for a sub par product?

Just as certain ingredients are suited for different skin types than others; the same can be said for hair. If your hair is coloured, dry, frizzy, damaged, or you have sensitive skin; shampoo containing sulphates probably isn’t for you.

Is it really an issue?

Sulphates strip away the natural oils from your scalp; leaving your head dry, flaky, and/or itchy. The scalp can counteract this dryness by producing more oils. If your hair ever feels greasy right after you wash it, sulphates may be to blame.


Not only do sulphates remove the natural oils from your scalp, they draw out the colour dye from your strands. If you’re using a sup standard shampoo a few times a week, expect your colour to fade more quickly.

And it gets worse. Shampoo containing sulphates can make your hair go frizzy too. L’Oreal Paris says, “the lack of natural oil in the hair makes each hair strand separate and bend away from the strand next to it, resulting in a wild and untamed look. Using shampoos without sulphates will prevent this problem by helping hair retain its natural oils and maintain a smooth finish." Similarly, if your hair is weak or damaged, harsh sulphates can make the problem worse. It's better to choose a gentle sulphate-free shampoo; preferably one tailored for your specific complaint.

A Blonde’s Necessity - Blond Absolu

A Blonde’s Necessity - Blond Absolu

The fact that they can make your hair feel rough, dry and brittle is not dangerous enough to warrant banning them. Plus, if you're lucky enough to have 'normal' hair (without damage, dryness or colour), shampoos containing sulphates are perfectly fine.

If you do have one of the above hair types and happen to run out of your sulphate-free option, a foamy alternative won't cause any harm if used sparingly.

What can I expect from a sulphate-free shampoo?

Yes you will pay more but it lasts a lot longer when you take advice from our stylists and know you only have to use a very small amount, and it's a small price to pay for healthy hair.

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